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Here's a funny story....(I wonder who it's about?)

                 LATE BREAKING "SNL" NEWS
  Eddie Murphy Still Bruised From a David Spade Insult on
                           'SNL' Years Back
 By Sandra Contreras
 Eddie Murphy may seem as cool as a cucumber, but David Spade
 reveals that he was able to permanently ruffle the funnyman's feathers
 with a cutting "Saturday Night Live" "Hollywood Minute" skit a few
 years ago.
 For those who missed it, Spade mocked Murphy's then-faltering career
 by holding up a picture of him and saying: "Look kids, a falling star.
 Make a wish."
 Now, years later, Spade tells "Rolling Stone" that Murphy, who has 
 roasted his fair share of celebrities, actually phoned "SNL" to 
 complain about the gag and has snubbed Spade repeatedly.
 According to Spade, Murphy's grudge has led mutual friend Chris Rock 
 to ignore Spade whenever Murphy is around. "I just saw Murphy in 
 person at the Rolling Stones concert at the Hard Rock in
 Vegas," Spade says. "He and Chris Rock came in ... Every time Eddie 
 turns his head, Rock looks back at me going, 'I can't talk to you, 
 Spade!' "
 Spade, a costar of NBC's "Just Shoot Me" (Thursdays, 9:30 p.m./ET),
 adds that Rock didn't invite him to his recent birthday party because
 Murphy was going to be there. "Eddie's still mad at you and that's 
 why I can't invite you to my birthday party," Rock said, according to 
 Spade. Murphy's reps had no comment.
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