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David Spade-The comedian of the '90's!

David Spade. If you've never heard this name before, then you're in for a treat. David Spade is a very unique comedian with a cynical view of everything in life, and you've just stumbled upon the newest, most updated, mysterious,and unprecedented David Spade Page ever! Here, I strive to make you, the David Spade Viewing Public, aware of his every move, and to keep you updated on his wacky adventures. Anyway, welcome!!! And enjoy every minute of the delicious DAVID SPADE! Please sign my guestbook!

General    Info    on    crazy    David!

Full name: David Wayne Spade
Date of Birth: July 22, 1965 (He's a Cancer)
Place of Birth: Birmingham, MI, USA
Raised in Scottsdale, Arizona
Height: 5'7"
Father: Wayne Spade
Mother: Judy Todd
Brothers: Bryan and Andrew

Place of Graduation: Saguaro High School
He also attended Arizona State University
Credits and the role he played:
   Tommy Boy-                 Richard Hayden
   Black Sheep-               Steve Dodds
   Coneheads-                 Eli Turnbull
   8 Heads in a Duffle Bag-   Ernie
   PCU-                       Randy McPhereson
   Brady Bunch Sequel-        Sergio
   Light Sleepers-            The Theological Coke Head
   Police Academy 4-          Kyle
   Reality Bites-             Wiener Dude Manager
   Senseless-                 Scott Butler
Spade also starred on the hit TV series Sasturday Night Live (SNL)
for many years, providing the cast with side-splitting comedic action 
that wouldn't be soon forgotten.  Some of the most memorable characters
that he played on SNL were:
Hollywood Minute reporter
The ever-annoying receptionist for Dick Clark
H. Ross Perot double
Michael J. Fox
Christy (from the Gap)
Casey Casum
Tom Petty
Matthew Broderick
Woody Harrelson
Crispin Glover
David Pirner (of Soul Asylum)
Don LaPre
Joan Rivers
Kurt Cobain
Scott Hamilton
Total Bastard Airlines flight attendant
Kato Kaelin
Brad Pitt
host of Spade in America
David now stars as Dennis Finch in the hilarious television series 'Just
Shoot Me' on NBC, Thursday nights. DON'T MISS IT! (David wouldn't like it 
if you missed his TV show!)
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